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My nokia wont pick up that my memory card is inserted. HELP!?They forced out Johnny Carson, who had the dignity to walk away with his head held high. They didn't have the guts to put Letterman in there, because he hurt some higher up and up's feeling.

Wat shud i do to make my friend stop calling me?

Really, did NBC learn nothing from the Leno/Letterman debacle?my friend calls me up daily n talks to me for hours together. i like to speak to her very much but my family thinks that i am in bad company.since she is a very gud friend ,i dont want to ask her t.

GeForce 9600 GT going to waste, please help. Can't install.?If I buy a new pre-N wireless router (mimo technology) which has 300 mts range, do i have to update my existing (built in) wireless card on my laptop or i can use my old card. my wireless card supp.

Picking A Laptop Help?Hello, my names Mike and I’m a freshman in the AFROTC (currently non-scholarship). As of now, I’m declared as an accounting major, but time is ticking away and I need to make a decision within the .

Can I use Airlink PCI adapter to pick up wireless from a Netgear router?Hey, i bought my custom built PC last week, and the guy upgraded my graphics card by putting in a GeForce 9600 GT, i know it works because the fan comes on and everything but just a black screen an.

Using new pre-N wireless router, would it give me extended range or i need a new wireless card also?not sure what the +8/-3 means tried everything I could think of, Help please

Where can i find the best absolutely free slots?I need a laptop for around 1500, below would be better but i don't care. I need one capable of running WoW and MSN at the same time, (switching back and forth), without lag, anything like that .

Is a technical major necessary for a chance at an AF pilot slot?