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Slot Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold

Slot Premier Blackjack High Streak Gold

After you have won your first hand, the high streak function turns on. If you can win the second hand as well, you will have your regular winnings, and a high streak multiplier as well.

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The third winning in a row gives you 2:1 payout on top of the regular winning.

The fifth winning in a row will pay 10:1.

This free High Streak European Blackjack Gold table game is brought to you by Platinum Play Casino where you can play High Streak European Blackjack Gold for realHigh Streak Blackjack Gold A fantastic and unique variation to the standard game of blackjack is High Street Blackjack Gold. It is a standard Blackjack slot with all the standard Blackjack rules.

The big wins will come from the side bet. Every gambler looks for that elusive winning streak. As the name implies, the player can have huge wins on a winning streak.

The game is played at a standard Blackjack table with all the normal blackjack paraphernalia displayed. Modern graphics and audio give the player a sense of realism with background music and the dealer issuing instructions. Players are immediately placed in a atmosphere of realism. One could drift into a feeling of actually being at a real Blackjack room. Before players begin playing High Streak Blackjack Gold, they need to choose their ante.

They can choose combinations of chips from 1 to 100 and place there bet on the playing area. A bet can also be placed in the winning streak area.

This is were the fun begins and the wins can jackpot at an amazing rate with a good winning streak. If players win the first hand of the streak their bet moves to the second streak area.

They may even start another streak while one is in progress, so a number of streaks can be going at one time. If a second win in a row is attained the chip moves to the next winning streak area.

Two wins pays 1-1, three wins in a row pays 2-1, four wins pays 5-1 and five wins gives the odds of 10-1.

With a number of streaks going together a High Streak Blackjack Gold winning streak could obviously be very lucrative. Of course, once there is a loosing hand the ante s are lost and the player must start again. High Streak Blackjack Gold is a great Blackjack innovation. It really does give the player massive winning options.

With the advent of a winning streak, and they do happen regularly in blackjack, players can win big. If they have smaller streaks running behind the main one the benefits areCareful! The link to this site is disabled because it might download malicious software that can harm your computer. Learn More We suggest you choose another result, but if you want to risk it, visit the website.