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Slot Joker Poker

Slot Joker Poker

Overview: Our Free Joker Poker Video Poker game is a single hand type video poker machine. It is played with a 53 card deck which is shuffled before each hand.

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The extra card is the Joker which is a wild card. Joker poker is very similar to Free Double Joker Poker Video Poker however, there are differences in the payouts (Joker Poker has an extra winning combination) and as the name implies Double Joker Poker has one more wild card.

Winning Hands: Joker Poker can be won by getting any one of 11 winning hands, these are; Natural Royal Flush, Five of a Kind, Joker Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, Kings or Better. Gamble Game: After each winning hand you will have the chance to choose to either collect your winnings or to gamble (press the Double Button). If you choose to gamble 5 cards will be laid out and the card on the left will be turned face up. You then have to choose a card with a high value than the face up card. If you choose a higher card your winnings are doubled and you have the option to collect or double again. If you choose a lower value card you lose your winnings from that hand (and any previous rounds of doubling following that winning hand). Maximum Coins Bet: 5 coins (a value of 5 credits) Coin Value: 1 credits Starting Credits: 100 Similar Free Video Poker Games: If you like our Joker Poker Video Poker game you might also enjoy playing our Double Double Bonus Video Poker which offers you even more winnings hands, or maybe you would like to try another game with some wild cards like our Free Deuces & Jokers Video Poker. Alternativly you might like to try playing more than one hand a time if so then why not try our Free Multi Hand Deuces Wild Video Poker, which allows you to choose to play between 2 and 4 hands at a& 123 123;mainAlert.message& 125Easy no-download video poker! Jacks or Better, Bonus, Double Double, Deuces, Joker Poker, total of 17 variations plus perfect playJoker Poker is one game that s nothing to laugh about.

With payouts worth up to 10,000 credits on a single hand, Joker Poker means serious business when it comes to making you feel like a high roller.

We ve taken everyone s favorite Jacks or Better video poker variation and tossed a Joker into the mix.

The extra card means extra opportunities to win, thanks to five of kind possibilities and more chances to complete your winning hand. But the Joker isn t necessarily the best part of the game. Hit a Royal Flush, in sequential order (meaning 10, J, Q, K, A-all suited, in that order) and you ll get paid 10,000 if you bet the max. It s the biggest payout possible. And only Joker Poker has it.

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Special Features Includes a Joker in the deck for more wild possibilities Every winning hand leads to the chance to play the bonus round Win up to 10,000 credits by hitting a sequential Royal Flush How to Play Joker Poker includes three stages-dealing, drawing, and winning.

To deal out your cards, you first need to lock in your wager. Use the Bet One button to add betting credits to your wager.

Then, hit deal to receive your cards. Alternatively, you can click Bet Max.

The maximum allowed credits will be wagered and your cards will be automatically dealt.

With stage 1 out of the way, you ll be asked to draw, or get new cards. Just select which cards you d like to keep by clicking them, and then click Draw.

With your final five cards in place, you ll enter the winning stage. Your 5-card poker hand will be ranked on the payout board. If you ve got a winning hand, you ll win. But before payouts are dealt out, you ll have the opportunity to double your winnings by going head-to-head in a high-card-takes-it match against the dealer.

Technical Specs Joker Poker is all about fun and games, so we ve made sure you ll be able to enjoy your video poker experience the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

That means a fully customizable playing experience-at your fingertips. Just choose Player Options to access tools like SFX optimization, game speed control, and more. Ready to smile? Joker Poker is available for free through our downloadable online casino app. You can play for free for as long as you like-no questions asked. If you d ever like to try and win for real, we ve got a 200% deposit bonus waiting for you and it s yours when you enter Coupon Code: poker200 when depositing.

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Free Joker Poker, 2.8 out of 5 based on 5Overview:Overview: Our Free Video Poker Slots is a Video Poker Slot we have created to celebrate the launch of our new Video Poker site, which offers a wide range of Video Poker Games including Jacks or Better Video Poker and even multi hand games such as Multi Hand Deuces Wild .

This Video Poker Slot is truly spectacular; it really captures both the excitement of an online slot and the thrills of Video Poker. You will feel as though you are in the heart of Las Vegas itself when you play our Video Poker Slots.

There are plenty of special symbols, free spins and two fantastic bonus games.

This 25 payline slots game features a variety of special symbols in the form of multiple scatters, bonus symbols and a wild icon. In Video Poker Slots the wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols to complete winning combinations.

There are two special scatters that are easily recognisable and they also trigger the fantastic bonus games.

The scatter symbol marked Deuces Wild Multi-hand Video Poker triggers the Multi-hand Deuces and Wild bonus game.

The symbol marked Jacks or Better Video Poker triggers the Jacks or Better Video Poker bonus game.

There is also a scattered rose that awards a scatter payout and the Joker s rattle symbol that triggers the free spins.

This slot also looks great with excellent playing card style symbols such as the King, Queen, Jack and Joker.

The symbols are animated during the winning combinations and the fast paced piano music adds to the excitement of Video Poker Slots.

This is a great free online slot machine for people who love slots and video poker. As you play the slot machine, you trigger the bonuses and you are treated to games of video poker.

This Video Poker Slot is only available here and cannot be played anywhere else on the net ! Wild Symbol: The symbol marked with the word wild is the wild icon and this substitutes for any other symbol in the Video Poker slots game. Bonus Symbols: There are a total of three bonus symbols which are also scatters in the Video Poker Slot: Bonus Game 1: The Deuces Wild Multi-hand Video Poker bonus game is activated by getting 2 or more Multi-hand Deuces and Wild symbols and you will then get up to 25 Video Poker tokens. You will then get to play some Multi-hand Deuces and Wild Video Poker for this bonus game. If you get 2 Multi-hand Deuces and Wild symbols then you win 5 Video Poker tokens. If you get 3 Multi-hand Deuces and Wild symbols then you win 10 Video Poker tokens. If you get 4 Multi-hand Deuces and Wild symbols then you win 15 Video Poker tokens. If you get 5 Multi-hand Deuces and Wild symbols then you win 25 Video Poker tokens. Once you have finished the Deuces Wild Multi-hand Video Poker bonus game you will be presented with your score as your points will be tallied up. Bonus Game 2: In the Jacks or Better Video Poker bonus game you will need to play Jacks or Better just like in a real casino.

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