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Slot King Arthur

Slot King Arthur

This King Arthur video slots game takes you to the magic kingdom of Camelot.

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There is scatter and wild symbol, wild multiplier and special bonus spin in this 5-reel, 20-payline slots machine. Join the Knights of the round Table and enjoy the bonus features.

The symbols represent Merlin, the holy calyx, Camelot and also cards. Look for the double-multiplier you can win with the wild symbol. 3,4 or 5 Camelot symbols activates the Camelot bonus game in this King Arthur slotsSorry, we just need to make sure you re not a robot.

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For best results, please make sure your browser is acceptingThe reel symbols include a Goblet, Sword, and the high valued playing card symbols.

The jackpot symbol is the 2x Wild symbol.

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Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol on the King Arthur slot game are the Palace and Sword symbols. Bonus Symbol: The bonus symbols on the King Arthur slot game are the Palace and Sword symbols.

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol on the King Arthur slot game is the Wild logo. Multiplier Symbol: The 2x Wild symbol is a multiplier symbol which doubles any win it helps toIf you are into knights, you are going to like King Arthur slot machine. It has a unique twelfth century Camelot theme that makes it very exciting. Besides winning great prizes when playing the game, you are going to be fascinated by several medieval adventures that are apparently based on King Arthur. You will be inspired to play more games when you win one. Due the ancient setting that this game is built on, you will be taken way back to the ages of kings and governments of the sort. You will get to see symbols that were used in the medieval era, for instance knights, crowns, swords, a very beautiful queen, among many other things that are usually associated with kingdoms.

This makes the game authentic. King Arthur slot machine features an interface that is very simple to understand.

Whether you are new to online casinos or you have been playing such games for a while now, you will not have a hard time trying to understand the meaning of various buttons and symbols. Different keys can be easily located. However, you cannot just assume that the game is easy and overlook learning how to play it. You will need to make good use of the demo in order to get acquainted with everything that it offers. How To Play? This game plays across 5 reels and twenty paylines. You can enjoy playing it on your computer or your favorite handheld devices such as a tablet or iPhone. It is a game for anyone.

Whether you are new to casino games or you do not have a lot of money, you can still be able to play this game because its betting range starts from a penny and goes all the way to $50.

There are lots of features that will keep things exciting when you are playing this slot machine. One of them is King Arthur who acts as the wild symbol. He can double all of the wins that he helps to form.

There is another wild besides King Arthur. Even though it does not have a multiplier, when combined with King Arthur, it can lead to some amazing frequent wins that you will like. Another thing that makes this slot machine exciting is the scatter symbol. Besides causing you to have instant wins, it also activates free spins. However, you will need to monitor the number of swords that are pulled carefully because they are the ones that will ultimately determine the prize that you will get.

Special Features The special or great thing about King Arthur slot machine is that there are various bonuses that can maximize your wins or boost your balance. For instance, if you happen to get 3 or more scatter symbols, you will have the sword when you reach the stone challenge. If you manage to pull the sword out of the rock successfully, you will get a 2 times multiplier for your wins.

This is because according to the myth, it is believed that only Arthur can pull the sword out of the rock. Another special feature in this slot machine is the Camelot Bonus that you can qualify for when you hit 3 or more bonus symbols.

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