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Slot Carnaval

Slot Carnaval

The realistic graphics, great party music and sound effects will put you in a party mode.

Slot avalon ii quest for the grail

There are clown, show girl, trumpet and flag symbols on the reels.

The Carnaval online slot is easy, but still great fun toList of Free Instant Online Slot Machine Games From Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Rival and Odds On. Play Free Flash And Java Online Reel Slots, No DownloadSomewhere within the spin of the slots is a larger story about ourselves, about life itself.

The wild unpredictability of the spin, the never quite knowing exactly where it may stop, those hopeful, breathless moments awaiting the outcome.

When things line up perfectly, it s a triumph, a thing of beauty and when they don t, it s an opportunity to pick ourselves up and give it another go.

Whether your game is penny slots, or you re a high-rollin spinner at $1 a pop, a Carnival cruise has a way for you to come out on slot. Err, we mean onAnother online slot game that is being offered by Microgaming, a leading software provider, is the Carnaval Slot.

This is perfect for those player who are looking for a nice enough way of spending time online while accumulating some extra cash at the same time. Carnaval Slot Game Features The theme of Carnaval Slot is easy enough to understand as, even on the first glance, you will see that it is about the carnival. Because its theme is carnival, you are sure to see here the ever present clown. Another symbol contains a face of a lady wearing a very elaborate headdress, while another symbol contains a flag. Other symbols that you are bound to see here include the card values such as K, Q, and J. You will also encounter the 10 and A.

There is also the Carnaval Slot logo and the horn.

The Carnaval Slot is made up of five reels as well as nine lines, so you can expect good betting options when you play Carnaval.

The coin denominations range from twenty five cents up to five bucks, and with nine pay lines and one maximum number of coin, the highest bet per spin then becomes forty five bucks.

The Carnaval Slot offers both a wild symbol as well as a scatter symbol, so you can expect your winnings to be increased if you do get these symbols. However, there are no bonus features or progressive jackpots to make it much more interesting. Playing the Carnaval Slot Game Do you want to go after the jackpot prize? Then wager the maximum amount on one spin, making sure that the Carnaval Slot logo or symbol appears on the winning pay line. If you happen t get a wild symbol, which is simply the symbol that contains the written word wild on it, then use it to substitute for a useless symbol. If you got a scatter symbol, which is simply the symbol that contains the written worth scatter on it, then you can use it to multiply your pay line wins.

The scatter symbol of Carnaval Slot is only used as a multiplier though, and it has no other functions.

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