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Slot Cash Crazy

Slot Cash Crazy

Cash Crazy Slot Machine Game Online Cash Crazy online slot machine game is a 3 reel and one pay line game.

Slot deuces and joker

The game is simple to play and comes with just two coin slots.

The highest payout that the Cash crazy online slot machine game offers is 1600 coins.

Slot andre the giant

Some of the symbols that are present in the game of Cash Crazy are the Green Seven symbol, Cherry symbol and the traditional 1, 2 and 3 bar symbols.

This is a fun slot machine game that is easy to understand and comes without any frills like some other games which feature elaborate story lines and characters. Cash Crazy is an ideal game for beginners to start with and overall is a good gambling experience ! Cash Crazy Online Slots- No downloads, Just Pure Gaming You can now enjoy a wonderful online slot game of Cash Crazy trying to chase the Crazy Professor to make cash in the comfort of your own home virtually for free.

The game does not even require downloading and loads instantly.

To add to this there is no need to register or sign in, simply open the website and start gaming. Enjoy hundreds of your favorite slot machine games all in one place at the simple click of the mouse. Play at your convenience at home or during your breaks at work, as there is no download required these slot machine games are easily accessible even if the office has a firewall for downloads.

Why spend loads of cash going to a casino, on travel, room charges only to wait in line for your favorite game. Are you tired of wondering if the machine you are playing with will be available after you return from a break? All these problems can be avoided by playing online slot machine games.

The game can even be paused to resume after you return from a break. Playing for free helps beginners gain valuable experience and minimizes the losses for them. As they can practice for free online and play for real money only when they are confident and understand the payout structure well. How to Play Cash Crazy Online Slot Machine Game The minimum that you can bet per pay line in Cash Crazy is 25 cents and the maximum is 5 dollars.

This is simple 2 coin slot machine game, which means that playing Max bet requires more than 2 coins and this makes winnings that much more easy.

The Crazy Professor is the wild symbol which also multiplies the winnings in Cash Crazy. It can substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination. A single Crazy Professor with wild multiplier symbol doubles the payout for any combination it completes.

Two Crazy Professor wild multiplier symbols increase the payout by four times for any combination they complete, but if you are lucky enough to get three Crazy Professor wild multiplier symbols then you win the grand Jackpot of 1600 coins or 800 coins depending on your coin size in Cash Crazy.

There are several other winning combinations in Cash Crazy slot machine game like getting 3 Green Seven symbols which wins the player 200 coins or 100 coins depending on the coinFree Cash Crazy Slots The free Cash Crazy is a conformist slots game with down-to-earth rules and incredible prizes.

The slot is a classic 3 reels 1 pay line game.

Savor this magnificent game and attain the prospect of winning the jackpot of 1600 coins.

The slot can be played for free and no download or special software is needed to play the game. Playing Free Cash Crazy Slots The graphic portrayal of the free slot is stunning and pleasing.

The different symbols in the online Cash Crazy slots game are the Crazy Professor, green Seven, Yellow Bar, Purple Bar, Red Bar and Cherries that reward you with satisfying prizes.

The rewards of each combination are detailed in the pay table shown in the game window.

The coin values in the slots game commence from a low of $0.25 and can go up as high as $5.00. You become qualified for the jackpot of 1600 coins only when you play with 2 coin bet. Hence, you are required to wager a minimum of $0.50 and a maximum of $10 to win the jackpot.

Winning Combinations in Online Cash Crazy Slots The Crazy Professor with dollar signs in lieu of eyes is the wild symbol and can be used as a replacement for all other symbols to create winning lines in Cash Crazy slots.

The wild Crazy Professor is also the multiplier symbol and in case you get one Crazy Professor character in a winning line, your payout is increased twofold and on your getting two wild symbols your payout gets enhanced four times. You are the winner of the jackpot of 1600 coins in the free slots when you obtain three Crazy Professors on staking 2 coins in the pay line.

The second jackpot of 800 coins is awarded when 3 Crazy Professor symbols appears on a one coin bet.

Win Big in Free No Download Cash Crazy Slots The no download Cash Crazy is a terrific slot game seasoned in tradition and combines excellent prizes.

The free game is tremendous fun, produces a gaming environment and a chance to win huge amounts. You are certainly going to enjoy playing the slots as it has notable graphics. Relax and enjoy Cash Crazy in the soothing comfort of your home as the game has a no downloadCash Crazy is the small 3 reel, single payline slot machine with a big jackpot.

Spin those BAR and Cherry filled reels now by downloading the casino. Join 32Red online casino today and take advantage of our latest welcome bonus .

The Crazy Professor is behind this mad slot machine with crazy cash payouts. His slot engine will crunch out great wins from the reels and pack your credit with coin. Look for his face or the Cherry on the reels as both are Cash Crazy slot features - yes this little 3 reel slot packs two hefty slot features ! The Crazy Professor is both the wild and the jackpot symbol. If you don t line up 3 professors and bag the amazing jackpot of 1,600 coins, then the professor will substitute itself for any missing symbols - meaning more coin for you, more often ! The Cherry is the Cash Crazy scatter symbol and will bag you coin no matter where it lands on the reels.

The more you line up, the more you ll receive. Get 3 cherries and win 40 coins on max bet.

Slot aces and faces

For a full list of Cash Crazy payouts, seeIt is a classic slots game offering you brand new design and wild symbol which can multiply your wins up to 4. Crazy is the best word for this slots machine.

The three reels of Cash Crazy slots game are placed above a cash-making-machine and the each reel consists of six icons: the crazy professor himself, 7, yellow BAR, purple BAR, cherry and BAR. At payout time not only the logo of the game comes to life but also the money spreads out of the machine and the crazy professor sounds very satisfied in Cash Crazy slotsCash Crazy, a video slot with 3 reels and one payline, is from Microgaming.

The game is based on a crazy professor, his antics and inventions.

The game is available in the downloadable and instant play versions at all casinos powered by Microgaming.

Several casino sites allow Cash Crazy to be played in the free play mode which is a good option for players to learn the rules of the video slot game without risking their money. Players who choose this mode can avail the same features as those who play for real money.

When placing real money wagers, you can choose from a wide range of coin values from $0.25 to $5. Players can wager a maximum of 2 coins. $10 is the maximum wager that can be placed in the slot game. Cash Crazy offers players a maximum payout of $8000.

The regular symbols in the game include 7, 1-Bar, 2-Bar, 3-Bar and a Cherry.

The wild symbol in Cash Crazy is the Crazy Professor.

The symbol can be used as a substitute for regular symbols to form a combination qualifying for a win. Players receive twice the payout of a combination when it is completed by a single wild symbol. Four times the combination payout is offered when two symbols complete the combination. Cash Crazy offers a jackpot of 1600 coins when the wild symbol appears thrice on a payline. Players who wager two coins and hit three 7 symbols are awarded 200 coins.

When three 3-Bar symbols are hit, 100 coins are awarded to players. Cash Crazy provides an autoplay feature which allows you to play the slot game without interacting with the casino software.

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