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Slot Booty Time

Slot Booty Time

Your guide to playing free online slots and video poker.

Does having a lot of female friends make women jealous?Well I weigh 98 pounds and like a week ago I noticed lines on my hips but now there all over my butt! What are they and what should I do?!

Ok a right to be pissed at my gf?I'm going to Foxwoods Casino for my 22nd birthday tomorrow. What should a girl wear to the casino? My brother and his friends go to Atlantic City all the time, so I see the pictures he posts up.

People of R&S.what do you think of the t.v. ads for "online booty call.com"?ok they had a farewell dance at school she told me she was just going to dance with her "girl" friends no homo but she promised she would dance with n e guy cuz im not the nicest if a gir.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO THE CASINO?Would this girl who I may soon date mind if I have a lot of female friends?

Can you take a existing web form and make the questions box not let through "key words" like cursing?to Angen or Saxony If it stayed in London would there be none of the 2 hours queues, and limited and cramped viewing slots that there were in Birmingham? Knowledgeable answers only, some people obv.

Found sexual pictures of my wife on her mem stick she was hiding?So. I've dealt with these things for a long time. I dont know anything about coding or creating programs but most of the the time i can figure out how to work things. So is there anyway to make.

Purple lines on my booty?We get spam and our captcha doesn't work. Its a html site not wordpress and I don't know much. I want to be able to block words like casino, booty, slots, etc from going thru in the messa.

Does anybody have the black ops maps for ps3?So today my wife had herself locked in the bathroom with her laptop. she tried to hide her laptop between towels in our closet in the bathroom and swore she was only using the rest room and did not.

Tricking a Nintendo DS into loading a GBA rom?