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Slot Break Away

Slot Break Away

Break Away is an excellent opportunity to start playing free slot games if you adore hockey. Microgaming company created a fresh slot machine for all hockey fans.

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This game takes players onto the ice. As Octopays slot, Break Away can be played for free at webslotcasino.

There is no need to sign up and it is available without download. Click on the game icon and your online slot machine will be ready in no time. However, you play only for virtual credits.

To play real money casino game you should to click on the link under the game. Information about Break Away slot So, it is a 5 reels and 243 paylines online casino slot game.

There are interesting symbols: the hockey players, the puck (it is a scatter symbol the referee, the scates and etc.

The puck can bring 25 free spins (just get three or more pucks on reels). Moreover, after each winning, the winning combinations (symbols) will be presented by animated videos. Break Away is a serious game for men. Only patience, will power and passion for free slots will help to win. Bonus games and other features There are no special bonuses but there are enjoyable free spins that can be won by collecting scatters.

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Furthermore, your winnings can be increased by the Multiplier Trail. It is awesome.

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