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Slot Wild Catch

Slot Wild Catch

About Wild Catch This video slot game is set in the deep blue sea world of the fisherman.

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The game board seems to be on the back of a boat out in the open waters.

Wild Catch was created by Microgaming Slots and features five reels and as many as 243 different ways to win.

That is the number of chances you will have if you play the maximum coins. You can choose a coin size in this game between .01 and .50. You can play as many as ten coins on each spin.

The largest possible payoff in this game is 100,000 coins.

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Features The symbols in this game include the things you would expect to find if you went on a fishing trip.

There is a fishing boat, there is the bait that is used to fish and there is also a scale used to weigh any fish that is caught. One other symbol is a trophy, the kind every fisherman wants to win.

The Scatter symbol in the game is the Fisherman, who is seen poking his upper torso through a life preserver.

The amount of bonus games that the Scatter symbol will create depends on the number of symbols you get on the line. If you get three Scatters, you ll get 15 games, four Scatters will win an extra 20 and five will receive 25 free games.

The Wild symbol in the game is a big fish. Depending on your perspective, it is either a barracuda or a swordfish. In either case, the maximum return in the game comes if you get five of one line. In an unusual feature, you can also win free spins if you can get at least three Wild symbols on one line. Objective Since there is no progressive jackpot in Wild Catch and there is also no Gamble game, you need to get into the bonus round to maximize your payoffs. You can do this with either the Wild or Scatter symbols. If you get three or more Wilds on a line, not only will you win five free spins, but they will all have a 3x multiplier. Bonus Game Features Your Wild Catch winnings can add up quickly in the free spins. Every time a Wild appears on a winning line, you will win another free spin.

The Wild symbol will also increase your multiplier when it appears, giving you as much as 10x the normal payoff. 500 charactersWin the freshest catch of the day with the Wild Catch 5-reel slot If you happen to like having a better chance to catch winning combos, the Wild Catch slot has 243 .


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