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Slot Triple Magic

Slot Triple Magic

Get ready for a thrilling video slots game which offers you hours of fun.

Slot bowled over

This Triple Magic slots game may seem to be very simple but there is a huge game with 1600 coin jackpot behind the 3 reels and one payline. You can win incredible prizes with this Vegas-style slots game which offers you vibrant graphics. All you need is to find the multiplier which can multiply your wins up to 9 in Triple Magic slots game. No matter whether you are a beginner or expert in video slots games this Triple Magic slots game always gives you something more.

The high-level animation, precision soundeffects and the beautiful illustration are all for to make this classic video slots game more perfect.

The classic symbols are all in this game - simple, double and triple BAR, cherry, blue seven and there is also a magical blue star which is the key to all big prizes in Triple Magic slotsPlay up to 25 hands at a time.

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