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Slot High Limit European Blackjack

Slot High Limit European Blackjack

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To learn more about why this URL was marked as malicious, visit the Bing Site Safety page for thisThe skies the limit with Casino Splendido and High Limit European Blackjack, where your chances of winning are bigger than ever before. High Limit European Blackjack uses the standard 21 cards.

The goal here is to beat the dealer s hand with just two cards by getting as close to 21 as possible.

While this version of Blackjack uses eight decks of cards, the dealer must stand on 17. If the dealer is dealt 16, he must draw another card. Players are dealt two upwards facing cards, while the dealer is dealt one.

The difference with European Blackjack is that there is a No Peak rule, forbidding the dealer to peak at the cards to spot Blackjack until the second card is dealt. If the dealer has a Blackjack then every other bet will be lost to the dealer.

The rules of High Limit European Blackjack Standard Blackjack rules apply when playing this High Limit European games.

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Some of the basic rulesPlay High Limit European Blackjack free blackjack game from MicroGaming without the need to register, download or installFew agree to risk serious money to gamble with unusual rules.

This is why most prefer the classic version of High Rollers.

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Fans of big bets in blackjack should appreciate the game High Limit European Blackjack (European-stakes blackjack encouraging them to developers at Microgaming.