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Slot Football Star

Slot Football Star


Hows My Fantasy Football Team?I'm going to be a senior I am 5'9 170 I play slot receiver and safety and linebacker I start both ways I bench 190 and squat 360 I still need to pass my act or sat to graduate which I'm.

Whos your favorite football team?The reason I ask is, at the casino where I work (Turtle Creek, near Traverse City, MI), we recently took delivery of a couple of slot machines which use graphics derived from the original TV series.

What level of Football does the MLS compare to in England?I am from the states, I think the level of football is horrible. I know that when teams come over on summer tours the MLS all stars always play well, but having said that they are lesser sides put.

Thoughts on my team post draft? (Fantasy Football)?Number one is pretty obvious, but after that I'm wondering what people think.

Football advice - how many stars would you give me?I've created my own league of 20 teams which is now in it's 3rd season (it's a keeper league and17/20 teams have been in the the league since the beginning). Aaaaanyways, the league i.

Who to start in fantasy football RB/WR position?

I need exercises to help me get ready for football?

Star Trek fans: Are you amused, or appalled, by the ongoing attempts to cash in on the show?

Who will be your top 10 in next year's fantasy football draft?