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Slot Double Double Bonus

Slot Double Double Bonus

Hey everyone, my name is Alex and i am a web programmer for a local university.

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Today i moved into a new house and with it came an old IGT Double Double Bonus Poker machine! It worked great for about fifteen minuets but after that it began to display errors alternating between coin timeout and door open.

This machine has me really interested, i would love to find out how to fix it, program it, mod it etc. I cant figure out how to open the box, i can unlock all of the door locks but non of the doors seem to want to budge.

This model is a slanted screen with a bill collector on the top right.

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So any information on where i should start with this would be greatly appreciated! Hey Alex, welcome to the site! I m really short on time to give you a complete answer right now, but to open your machine: There are two locks under the armrest - one is a Jackpot Reset keyswitch which uses a small, double-sided 2341 key which turns about a quarter turn and then springs back.

This is used to reset jackpot lockups, display statistical screens, and also is used to change values in some configuration screens.

That is NOT the key to unlock the machine.

The other key there will turn roughly half way, and that un-latches the hatch of the machine.

Turn it and you should hear a click of the lock, and with the key turned lift up on the hatch (lift under the lip of the square bowl area where coins spit out to the player). Is the error coin-IN timeout, or coin-OUT timeout? They point to different areas. Door Open errors can come from the main hatch door, the belly door (unlikely or the bill validator door. Again, I m really short on time right now, but let s start with this. Once you have the door open, press the white self-test button once (located in the lower left of the inside of the machine, if memory serves) to access the self-test screen.

The first screen should be self-test inputs, which will show you test states of buttons, door optics, coin optics, etc.

That will help you troubleshoot to figure out where your issues lie. If you can, post a picture of your self-test input screen which might help us troubleshoot together. HI, thanks for the reply. I spent a lot of time with it today and fixed most of the issues.

The door switch had a bad connection and i have no idea why the coin timeout was coming up but it went away after fixing the door and rebooting. I opened the mid section and went through all of the settings, it all looks great inside except the fact that open high voltage crt s scare the out of me. After going through all of the settings i came across some interesting things.

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Firstly my bill acceptor is not working. It has some cut wires and a lot of plugs not being used. I guess this is the wrong section for bill acceptors but i would like to repair it. Next i see references in the menus about connecting this machine to another machine. Can these be networked together by some interface? Is there a way to run multiple games on one machine? I did someThere are many types of video poker games available these days. You should have at least a general understanding of any game before you plunk down you money and take your chances, so read on to learn about one of the favorite all time games: Double Double Bonus Video Poker. If you already know how to play video poker, then you don t need to be told that Jacks-or-Better was the most popular game after IGT first hit the market with their patented RNG (random number generator) poker games. After the popularity of Jacks-or-Better waned a bit, IGT and other manufacturers came out with new and improved versions that paid more than the standard 125 coins for a four-of-a-kind. Double bonus machines with 250-coin payoffs became popular, but the Double Double bonus machines really hit a happy nerve with players. It s a long time between royal flushes when you play video poker. In fact, the odds of hitting a royal flush are about 40,000 to 1, and even if you play 300 hands per hour that s about 133 hours of play.

Waiting for that big payoff is tough, and eventually the slot manufacturers concluded that players needed a little more gratification in their gaming.

Thus, more payoff bonuses were born. Double Double Bonus video poker pays up to 2000-1 for four aces with a small card (2, 3, 4 half as much as a royal, but eight times more than the standard four-of-a-kind on a Jack-or-Better machine.

When you play a good machine, one that has a 9/6 payoff, you are getting 9 coins back for each bet when you make a full house and 6 coins back when you make a flush. In Jacks-or-Better, this game pays back about 99.5 percent. If you play a Double Double game with a 9/6 payoff, the payback is about 98.98 percent.

That means it costs the player twice as much to play as Jacks-or-better. For better or worse, you are more likely to find only 7/5 games at most casinos - but playing this variety of Double Double still only costs about .5 percent more than the Jacks-or-Better variety.

Standard Double Double Bonus Video Poker Pay Table for 7/5 with Five Coins Bet: Royal Flush (4000) Straight Flush (250) Four Aces with a 2, 3 or 4 (2000) Four Aces (800) Four Two s, Threes or Fours with (A, 2, 3 or 4) (800) Four Two s, Threes or Fours (400) Four of a Kind (5 s thru kings) (250) Full House (35) Flush (25) Straight 20 Three of a Kind (15) Two of a Kind or Pair of Jacks or Better (5) As you can see, the higher hands like four aces or four deuces, threes or fours pays much more and a simple four-of-a-kind of fives through kins pays double! That makes for a lot more excitement. However, to pay for the higher payoffs, any hand of two pair just returns the bet, instead of paying 2 for 1.

That drains your bankroll faster and is a noticeable change. Overall, playing a 7/5 Jacks-or-Better game with a 96.15 return will cost the player about $11.55 per hour.

This total assumes 300 hands per hour. Playing the same 7/5 game of Double Double Bonus video poker will cost the player about $12.90This game has the same rules as the classic favorite Jacks or Better. However, Double Double Bonus Poker has a special paytable that adds an additional jackpot to wins when you spin a few different 4-of-a-kind combinations.

These extra jackpots are what give this fun video poker game the Double Double part to its name.

The objective of the game is to create the best 5-card poker hand you can. In this game, the lowest card that pays is a pair of jacks (some video poker games have higher minimums) anything higher gets a jackpot prize. Double Your Money, Double Your Fun, With Double Double Bonus Poker Play Double Doblue Bonus Poker Now ! Play Double Double Bonus Poker: Double Double Bonus Poker is going to take fun to the extreme and make you win the biggest prizes. Double Double Bonus Poker will bring you that big shiny smile back to your face as you see your chip stack grow. Double Double Bonus Poker also offers a special feature that is going to make you win even more in a Double or Nothing Bonus Round. How to play: The goal of Double Double Bonus Poker is to come up with a winning poker hand as listed in the pay table. In Double Double Bonus Poker you will be dealt five cards. Keep the cards that you think will help you get that winning hand. For every winning hand a Double or Nothing Bonus Round. During the Double or Nothing Bonus Round you have to come up with a higher ranked card than the dealer s to win. Double Double Bonus Poker offers special payouts for four of a kind Aces, 8 s and 7 s.

Strategy and Tips: Double Double Bonus Poker is a game of strategy and you can better your odds by using the following tips: If you don t have a winning hand or a winning pair, keep the highest ranking hand. Always keep any pair specially if they are an Ace, 7 s and 8 s.

Whenever possible play with the Max Bet to make the most of your wins. Don t abuse the Double or Nothing Bonus Round. Use this feature very carefully as much as this feature may double your winnings it may also leave without anything. Make sure to practice before playing for actual money. You can do so at our Instant Play section, that gives you unlimited access to hundreds of games, including free slots and more. Glossary: Draw Deal: this button will deal five cards to you . Bet One: press Bet One if you wish to play with just one coin. Bet Max: press Bet Max if you wish to play with five coins at a time. Cash Out: press Cash-Out to return the coins you have placed in the machine back to your chipOverview: Our Free Double Double Bonus Video Poker game obeys the standard video poker rules and is a single hand type video poker machine. It is played with a standard 52 card deck and the cards are shuffled before each hand. Double Double Bonus Poker is similar to Jacks or Better Video Poker however it has 5 enhanced winning combinations which offer higher payouts, these are ; Wild Cards: There are no wild cards in Double Double Bonus Poker video poker.

Winning Hands: Double Double Bonus Poker can be won by getting any one of 13 winning hands, these are; Royal Flush, Four Aces with any Two, Three or Four, Four Two s, Three s or Four s with any Ace, Two, Three or Four, Four of a kind Aces, Four Two s, Three s or Four s, Four of a Kind (Five s through to King s Straight Flush, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs or Jacks or Better. Gamble Game: After each winning hand you will have the chance to choose to either collect your winnings or to gamble (press the Double Button). If you choose to gamble 5 cards will be laid out and the card on the left will be turned face up. You then have to choose a card with a high value than the face up card. If you choose a higher card your winnings are doubled and you have the option to collect or double again. If you choose a lower value card you lose your winnings from that hand (and any previous rounds of doubling following that winning hand). Maximum Coins Bet: 5 coins (a value of 5 credits) Coin Value: 1 credits Starting Credits: 100 Similar Free Video Poker Games: If you like our Double Double Bonus Poker Video Poker game you might also enjoy playing our Free Joker Poker which has the joker as a wild symbol to give you more chances of winning.

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