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Slot Cosmic Cat

Slot Cosmic Cat

As you know cats are well known for travelling into space, if you didn t know this then you need to meet the Cosmic Cat who regularly travels around the world handing out big 1000 coin jackpots to anyone who manages to line up three of his symbols on his name sake slot. Playing the Cosmic Cat slot is simple as it is one of Microgamings 1 payline slots. Being a Microgaming powered slot you know you are going to get fair games and will always have a sporting chance of a big cash win. You can play with one or two coins per spin.

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The Cosmic Cat symbol is a wild one and that means it will stand in for and complete winning combinations.

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Stakes per coin may be adjusted and the game plays very quickly and pays just as fast! The above game is set in free play mode but you can play for real cash should you choose at any of our featured Microgaming casinos listed below.

The Cosmic Cat slot is available in both the flash powered game you can see and play above or you may play it via the downloadCosmic Cat is a classic slot machine game based on the outer space theme, designed by Microgaming.

There is an astronaut cat wearing a space helmet in the background of the game. Cosmic Cat has 3 spinning reels and one pay line.

This game accepts coin sizes ranging from $0.25 to $5.00.

The minimum wager for a single spin is $0.25 and the maximum you can bet on a spin is $10. You can use either one or two coins to bet on every spin. You can adjust the coin denomination you want to wager in a round by using the plus and minus tabs given at the bottom of the screen. You can click the Bet One option and double your wagering amount by using two coins.

There are 6 winning combinations in this game formed by 5 symbols.

The mouse and the astronaut cat symbols are in this game in addition to the other 3 types of regular bar symbols.

The payout for 3 mouse symbols is 200 coins, for 3 triple bar symbols is 100 coins, for 3 double bar symbols is 40 coins, for 3 single bar symbols is 20 coins and for any 3 bars symbols is 10 coins.

The wild symbol in this game is the astronaut cat symbol. Any regular symbol in this game can be substituted in place of the astronaut cat symbol to complete a winning combination.

To win the jackpot prize of 1000 coins you need 3 astronaut cats in a single line while playing 2 coins for that spin. If you select the Auto Play option, the software will automatically spin a pre-defined number of rounds. You can use this option if you want to play a few spins without clicking the spin button after everyFree Cosmic Cat Slots The free Cosmic Cat is a sci-fi themed online slots game introducing a cat and a mouse in outer space.

The online slot is a 3 reels and single pay line with two coin slots.

The free slot game also presents you with a wild symbol, which assists you to win more prizes effortlessly.

The wild symbol is the Cosmic Cat itself.

The symbol can be used as a substitute for any other symbol to create winning combinations Playing Free Cosmic Cat Slots The symbols used in the free game are the Cosmic Cat, Space Mice and the usual BARs symbols. Both the cat and mice are shown in space suits.

The minimum coin value you have to bet is $0.25 and the maximum is $5.00.

To get a hold a chance to participate in the jackpot, you are required to bet 2 coins.

So, the least wager per spin to be qualified for the jackpot is $0.50, and the maximum wager in this free slot game is $10.00 per spin.

The no download Cosmic Cat is a pleasant slots game with comical and gentle heroes.

The rules of the slot game are uncomplicated and simple to follow. Play the free slots with 2 coins bet and strive to obtain as many cosmic cats as possible and win the jackpot.

The slots game is accessible in the no download form. Hence, you can play the slots from anywhere of your choice provided you have Internet connectivity.

Winning Combinations in Cosmic Cat Slots The online slot has 8 winning combinations, and additional combinations can be formed using wild symbols.

The jackpot of 1000 coins is for the appearance of 3 Cosmic Cats on the pay line when you wager two coins per line and the second highest payout of 500 coins is awarded to you if you obtain 3 Cosmic Cats on a one coin line bet.

Win Big in Free No Download Cosmic Cat Slots If you love animals, you are definitely going to love the theme of the free Cosmic Cat slot game.

The slot game offers you adequate alluring prizes and has a breezy appearance that creates a desire for you to play the slots. Join the cat and mice in their stimulating voyage into outer space and win the jackpot of 1000The Cosmic Cat slot game is a Microgaming Slot and it is set in an out of this world type them, the star of the slot is the rather cute little Cosmic Cat and you will be looking to line up three of them on the payline to win the top prize jackpot.

The Cosmic Cat slot game is a 3 reel slot and this slot can be played for one or two coins on each spin, the slot has a modest top prize jackpot so you should find this pays out more regularly than other slots with much higher jackpot amounts.

The stake levels can be altered to suit both your wallet and playing style and these coin levels are $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5.

The maximum payout is 1000.

To be able to win this 1000 coin jackpot you need to be playing 2 coins per spin, if you only play one then the jackpot is 500 coins.

The Cosmic Cat symbol is wild and that means it will stand in for other symbols and will therefore help complete winningIf you want to play Cosmic Cat Slot no download slots for real money, here are the trusted casinos we recommend: Cosmic Cat is a three reel, one payline, and two coin slot machine. It has a wild symbol and the maximum payout is 1,000 coins.

The Cosmic Cat symbol is wild and substitutes for any other symbol to complete winning combinations. A single Cosmic Cat symbol, a 1-Bar symbol and a 2-Bar symbol on an enabled payline completes an any three Bar symbols combination.

With two coins bet, an any 3 Bar symbols combination pays out 10 coins.

Two Cosmic Cat symbols and a 3-Bar symbol on an enabled payline complete a three 3-Bar symbols combination.

With two coins bet, a three 3-Bar combination pays out 100 coins. Combination Coin 1 Coin 2 3 Cosmic Cat symbols 500 1,000 3 Space Mice symbols Bar symbols Bar symbols Bar symbols 10 20 Any 3 Bar symbols 5 10 2 Cosmic Cat symbols 5Final thoughts Cosmic Cat is unique in that it is one of the most thematic online classic slot machines ever released by Microgaming.

That being said, it is still a classic slot, and follows the same gameplay setup and wagering structure as most of other Microgaming classic slots.

To summarise, the slot is original in theme, though incredibly similar to other Microgaming games in terms of gaming structure. Only you can decide if that makes the slot worth your time or not.

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